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The twins are the symbol of Gemini, suggesting the duality of the Gemini character.

People born under this sign are very versatile and adaptable. Gemini is an air sign, which indicates compromise.

Geminis are attracted to Virgos, Librans and Sagittarians.

Famous Geminis include Sir Arthur Conan Doyle , Marilyn Monroe and Ann Frank.
   My wife, Pauline, and I moved to Lincolnshire in December 2002. We came here to have a better quality of life so that Pauline could concentrate on spiritual matters (she was an excellent medium) and me on my writing. Sadly, Pauline suddenly died a few weeks later on Christmas Eve.

   Having attended a part-time script writing course at Grimsby Institute of F & H E, my tutor, Paul Roberts, encouraged me to study full-time. I graduated in 2007 with a 1st class BA (Hons) degree in professional writing, The East Coast Media Award for Academic Excellence and the SourceFour Ltd Award for Outstanding Achievement. It is only right that I pay tribute to my tutors: Dr Chris Dows (Course Director), Paul Roberts, Paul Lewis, Laurie Boxer, Eamonn Griffin and a ‘Thank you’ to Phil Sayles.

   I grew up on a council estate in Barming, Maidstone, Kent during the fifties and sixties. Although, strictly speaking, Barming Village boundary was further up the road, but we all called it Barming.  Kent was famous for its hop fields and orchards in those days, but in later years the trees were grubbed out, hop picking became mechanised then lost its market (cheap imports) and the fields were converted to grow wheat. By now, I would think they are covered by oil-seed rape. However, in those days the land provided a vast area for adventure and mischief. We could walk from the banks of the river Medway  at East Farleigh (SW) to the same river at Allington (NW) and only need to cross a few roads. The rest of the trip being through
orchards, woods and fields. You can’t do that now because much of the land has been developed for housing.

   I suppose the thing that dominated all of my childhood was the local mental asylum (former Victorian workhouse). It was a vast array of large, buildings constructed out of Kent Ragstone which was, presumably, obtained from the local quarry. My bedroom window gave me a panoramic view over the whole complex on the other side of the road. As a child, the patients were either seen as figures of fun or beings to be afraid of. This image was not helped by the sort of clothing they were given to wear (basically cast offs).

  Little did I realise then just how much they and others like them, would take over my life in later years when I campaigned for better services and rights. Unfortunately, it took a break down in my own mental health and the loss of a promising career (Fire Service) to embark on that journey.

  I left school, became a butcher, married my late wife, Pauline and moved to East Sussex. However, I felt that I was in a dead-end job and joined the local fire service. I studied hard and was promoted until it all came to an end with mental illness. They diagnosed it as Schizophrenia at the time and for many years I lived under the stigma of that label. It wasn’t until nearly twenty years later that I was eventually properly diagnosed as being Bi-polar and given the correct treatment.
   With my career hopes dashed, we moved back to my home town, Maidstone and I started working in security, but soon got involved in the mental health field as a volunteer, eventually working in it full-time. I still feel very passionate about it today as I have seen many things won and lost, particularly self empowerment. There are still those in the professional services who want absolute power and would deny the quality of service that should be given.

   During those years, Pauline and I became a Christian Spiritualists. Why and how is a story that warrants far more space than this site will allow. Maybe, one day, I will commit it all to paper - (especially Pauline’s spiritual writings - 14/15 ring binders!). Needless to say, it was also the start of my writing and, now that I am retired from mental health, another means to continue the campaign and promote more awareness of the true consequences of being ill.

   Finally, as for me. I am content with life and the person I have evolved into and I wouldn’t change one single second of it.

A captain without a ship?
Wedding day, March 1968.
East Coast Media awards.
Recruit fireman 1970.

 Fortunately, I have found a wonderful new partner, Valerie and we share our house with a dopey mutt, Domino and a cat, Bramble.