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The twins are the symbol of Gemini, suggesting the duality of the Gemini character.

People born under this sign are very versatile and adaptable. Gemini is an air sign, which indicates compromise.

Geminis are attracted to Virgos, Librans and Sagittarians.

Famous Geminis include Sir Arthur Conan Doyle , Marilyn Monroe and Ann Frank.

The sun lifted its head from the gradient orange of the horizon’s pillow. The thirty-degree warmth of the South West Australian coast beckoned it from slumber beneath the smooth turquoise blue sheet of the sea. It was a welcoming sight to ‘Veets’ Vitroni, as he parked his rented motor home among the dunes of Conto’s Beach. A smooth suck of satisfaction filled his lungs and pushed the tiredness from his limbs. He had been searching for three months, motivated by an Aussie in a Chicago bar ten years ago. The place names were forgotten, but never the images of rock lobsters and stingrays.

Imprinted in his memory the figure of him bowing slightly forward with arms arched sideways like a Klingon spaceship from Star Trek, describing the massive wings of a stingray. Veets had sensed the power, the grace and then the gentleness of feeding them by hand. “When I have enough money that is where I shall retire and live in peace” he had promised himself, but it had become an obsession and made him impatient.

His freelance career had been insecure, always looking for that one commission that would set him up for life. It had taken nine years before it arrived. He laughed at the memory of the whore in Busselton, “Fancy a ten-dollar fuck matey!” He had, but got a bonus: she knew the exact place of the stingray and now, here he was. Veets looked at the large holdall, patted it with satisfaction and stepped out onto the sand.

There was nothing but the warm sound of a breeze, the whisper of wandering surface grains and soft ripple of water. The beach was deserted, too early for fishermen. He tiptoed through the scuttling rock lobsters, reflecting on the fortunes of fate that brought him here during their annual breeding ritual. He paused at the old planks of wood used by the fishermen to gut fish and grabbed a handful of discarded scraps. “Perfect day” he thought to himself, but the “Cackle” of a motorbike ripped the tranquillity of his dream. After a few minutes, it stopped and he sighed in relief.

Veets removed his shoes and stepped into the shallow warm therapeutic water, the stingrays jostled each other as their wings propelled them on a glide path to his hand. The largest, thanks to its two-metre span, reached him first, made a smooth pass over his palm, sucked up the rotten fish, touched base on the edge of the dry sand and veered out to sea again.

Veets never heard the sharp “Crack!” or felt pain as the bullet entered the back of his head. Brain, bone and flesh fragments flew out as it exited, polluting the ripples of Paradise. The large stingray returned from its broad arc, sweeping stealthily through the bloodied purple waters, sucking at soft tissue from a neat round hole. There Veets stayed, dreams now silent save for the fading rumble of a motorbike roaring away into the distance.