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The twins are the symbol of Gemini, suggesting the duality of the Gemini character.

People born under this sign are very versatile and adaptable. Gemini is an air sign, which indicates compromise.

Geminis are attracted to Virgos, Librans and Sagittarians.

Famous Geminis include Sir Arthur Conan Doyle , Marilyn Monroe and Ann Frank.
This poem was written during the time of Apartheid in South Africa. I had watched a mob on Tv murder a supposed informer. It was about this time that
there was a debate on boycotting imported SA fruit (one of which was grapes). I had been sucking grapes while people died.
When you love your kids so much, you just have to write a poem for them. When Matt was a toddler, he asked me to take him fishing. I reluctantly
agreed (could never see the point of it). However, I fell in love with the sport and we spent many happy hours by the river.
I was asked by The Maidstone Poets to write a poem for entry into The South East Arts Literary Award. The whole poem was written in between two 12
hour night shifts and was inspired by the morning sun shining through the window and orange curtains.
Farncombe House overlooks the Vale of Evesham. I went there on a one week residential security course. It was a very intense week of studying.
However, late at night I’d go and sit out on the grass and just stare out into the Vale. It inspired several poems.
About the old asylum. I had given one of the ‘patients’ a lift back from the daytime drop-in centre one evening.  As he got out of the car and
walked towards the wards I thought  ‘How the hell can anyone get better in a place like this?’ It was dark, dirty and depressing.
Melanie had a congenital heart disease throughout her childhood. For many years, she was weak, thin and fragile. It was during this time that I realised
how important the little things in life were and that some of the big things did not really matter at all.
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